How to Make Your Corduroy Skirt Look Like New

Skirt Ideas 2016 - Tips on how to make your corduroy skirt look like new. corduroy skirt is a durable and beautiful skirt that you must have. To make it always look new, there are some tips to maintain it. Check out the following tips!


How to Make Your Corduroy Skirt Look Like New - Maintenance is one of the most important things to make your fashion stuff always look new. This is needed to keep your skirt, top, shoes, jewelry and accessories. The way of maintenance for certain stuff is different one another. The skirt is a must have item for women. One of the most popular types of skirt is corduroy skirt and it also has special ways of maintenance. Pay attention to the following easy steps.
corduroy mini skirt corduroy mini skirt
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First, you are able to wash it as you wash the other clothes. However, you need to be more careful. It is recommended for you to wash your corduroy mini skirt with cold or lukewarm water. Of course, you can wash it either by hands or with washing machine. Both of them are acceptable, but the washing of hands is always great for a careful maintenance. It is a simple thing that is also good for your corduroy skirt and most of women don’t realize it.
long corduroy skirt long corduroy skirt
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When you come to the drying process, you should pay attention to not giving heat for the corduroy skirt or very low heat is recommended. The heat will make your short or long corduroy skirt look lest. Besides, this can also make the skirt look dull. Then, for the ironing, it is better for you to iron it when still a bit damp. Touch lightly and you will get your skirt looks new.
green corduroy skirt green corduroy skirt
red corduroy skirt red corduroy skirt
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The corduroy skirt is included as one of durable skirt, of course, when it is well cared. If you find stains on the skirt, just wash it gently with detergent. Finally, it is also recommended for you to put this skirt alone. You must have several numbers of skirts with different styles. Don’t mix them in your storage. Besides, this gives better protection, this also makes you easily find the skirt every time you need it.